Brace Yourself for Jordan E. Cooper’s Ain’t No Mo’

In his bawdy Broadway debut, no one is safe.

The Name on Everybody’s Lips Is Jinkxie

The Drag Race champ says she’s “always aspired to be washed-up.” In Chicago, she’s definitely the star.
comedy review

Mike Birbiglia’s Existential Exercises

In his Broadway show The Old Man and the Pool, the comedian dives into the anxieties of aging.
  1. theater
    The Name on Everybody’s Lips Is JinkxieThe Drag Race champ says she’s “always aspired to be washed-up.” In Chicago, she’s definitely the star.
  2. theater review
    The Appointment Is a Fetal Fantasia on National ThemesWhere the unborn sing, dance, and do crowd work.
  3. theater review
    When Online Drama Begets Stage DramaSeven Methods of Killing Kylie Jenner and Your Sexts Are Shit will have you wondering, yet again, about being extremely online.
  4. thank you for the musical
    Amanda Seyfried Resurfaces As Part of a Thelma & Louise Musical WorkshopSeyfried was deep in the process of working on the project and missed the Golden Globes.
  5. broadway-bound
    Here Comes Here Lies Love’s Broadway DebutDavid Byrne and Fatboy Slim’s immersive disco musical about Imelda Marcos will open this summer.
  6. rip
    Carole Cook, Lucille Ball Protégé and AIDS Activist, Dead at 98The actress was in The Lucy Show, played Grandma Helen in Sixteen Candles, and was a devoted gay rights activist.
  7. parade is not over yet
    Parade Marches on to BroadwayAll the wasted time waiting for this revival …
  8. 2023 preview
    27 Plays and Musicals We Can’t Wait to See in 2023Chastain does Ibsen, Michael R. Jackson’s new musical, a deluxe Sweeney Todd revival, and more.
  9. look to the westworld skies
    James Marsden Didn’t Want to Leave Westworld, Does Want to Boogie on Broadway“But who knows, maybe there’s some world where it can get completed somehow.”
  10. theater review
    Two Kings, Not Much Pleasure: The CollaborationWarhol and Basquiat, painted by numbers.
  11. wya brian yorkey
    Almost Famous Is Definitely ClosingThe musical will play its last Broadway performance on January 8.
  12. theater review
    King Lear, But Rent Controlled: Between Riverside and CrazyA very New York tale of eviction and inheritance.
  13. theater review
    Putting the Unsaid at the Center: The Far Country and Des MoinesLloyd Suh and Denis Johnson, in very different ways, try to let the audience fill in the blank spaces.
  14. comebacks
    Merrily Rolls Along to BroadwayAs the first Broadway revival of the Sondheim show, which premiered in 1981.
  15. broadway bye-byes
    Ain’t No Mo’ Pushes Back Broadway Closing Date By a WeekPlaywright and star Jordan E. Cooper’s call-to-action has worked.
  16. cut print moving on
    The Tony Awards Leave Radio City Behind in Favor of the United PalaceThe Tonys will air on June 11 on CBS and Paramount+ Premium.
  17. theater review
    What’s to Discuss, Old Friends? Merrily We Roll Along Is Back.Maria Friedman’s revival, starring Jonathan Groff and Daniel Radcliffe, makes the grade.
  18. theater review
    Well, Nobody’s Perfect: Some Like It Hot on BroadwayAn adaptation that has everything going for it except heat.
  19. best of 2022
    The Best Theater of 2022We’ll never return to whatever normal was, but there’s been lots to root for amid the flux.
  20. theater review
    Adrienne Kennedy Goes Big: Ohio State Murders on BroadwayAudra McDonald performing Adrienne Kennedy is almost everything a production needs. Almost.
  21. broadway bye-byes
    KPOP to Close on Broadway Two Weeks After OpeningThe final performance will feature a panel on AAPI representation on Broadway.
  22. respect the classics
    Neil Diamond Gives Us One Last Performance and It’s So Good, So GoodThe singer-songwriter, who’s living with Parkinson’s disease, had a surprise for his musical’s opening night.
  23. theater
    Becky Nurse of Salem’s Dark Brew of Witchery and Dunkin’Deirdre O’Connell nearly holds together Sarah Ruhl’s play set in modern Salem.
  24. theater review
    I Am, I Said (I Guess): A Beautiful NoiseIf you can experience a dopamine hit from singing along to “Sweet Caroline” anywhere in America, why is this even happening in the Broadhurst?
  25. theater review
    Ain’t No Mo’ Takes a Jubilantly Unrespectable Flight to BroadwayJordan E. Cooper’s satire doesn’t button up in a bigger venue.
  26. profile
    Brace Yourself for Jordan E. Cooper’s Ain’t No Mo’In his bawdy Broadway debut, no one is safe.
  27. pick-a-little donate-a-lot
    Nicole Kidman Comes to This Place (The Music Man) for Magic (to Donate $100K)Only she could earn a standing ovation as an audience member.
  28. theater review
    KPOP Offers a Not-Actually-All-Access PassA musical about making it big feels neutered by its own backstage process.
  29. last night on late night
    Marla Mindelle Hijacks Seth Meyers on Her Quest for World DominationThe Off Broadway cast of Titanique gave TV viewers a taste of its live-theater magic.
  30. broadway’s good to youuuu
    Jinkx Monsoon Will Sing About Tits and Tats on BroadwayAs the Matron Mama Morton in Chicago.
  31. theater review
    A Christmas Carol, Heavy on the NightmaresJefferson Mays plays 50 characters, starting with Marley and Scrooge.
  32. theater review
    In & Juliet, Verona Goes Pop!Power pop as empowerment, Renaissance Division.
  33. divas live (recorded)
    Funny Girl Is Releasing a Lea Michele–Led Cast Album, Because Glee Wasn’t EnoughShe keeps winning, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.
  34. acting class
    Jessica Chastain Plays the Role of Human, Talking in Broadway VlogThe vlog heard ‘round the world.
  35. theater review
    Downstate, at the Limits of EmpathyIn Bruce Norris’s play about registered sex offenders, the characters are humanized but not quite forgiven.
  36. vulture festival 2022
    Former Cats Cat Lena Hall ‘Loved Being in It, But I Wouldn’t Go and See It’The movie, she says, was “very unfortunate.”
  37. comedy review
    Mike Birbiglia’s Existential ExercisesIn his Broadway show The Old Man and the Pool, the comedian dives into the anxieties of aging.
  38. …baby one more show
    Max Martin Has Only Ever Seen Two MusicalsNot counting his new one, & Juliet, that is.
  39. theater review
    Kimberly Akimbo Skates Uptown, Anagrams IntactThe joyous and quirky show, starring Victoria Clark, glides onto Broadway.
  40. theater
    Joan Didion in Your Living Room, Telling StoriesThe Year of Magical Thinking gets comfy.
  41. smoking herb
    Montag Asks: How Many Cigarettes Does It Take to Evade Death?Director Dustin Wills: “It feels like I haven’t totally betrayed my people — I tried to do the smokers justice.”
  42. theater review
    Surreal Humor and Medical Metaphor in You Will Get SickLinda Lavin and Daniel K. Isaac are onstage in a very peculiar caregiver-and-patient relationship.
  43. theater review
    Onstage, It’s Almost Almost Famous You’ll meet them all again on the long journey to the middle.
  44. last night on late night
    Jimmy Fallon to Reprise Almost Famous Role on BroadwayPutting his beard to use!
  45. theater review
    A Man of No Importance, Larger in MiniatureJim Parsons leads the revival of the Ahrens-Flaherty-McNally musical.
  46. theater review
    A One-Dimensional Robert Moses in Straight Line CrazyRalph Fiennes stars in this talky, static retelling of Moses’s misdeeds.
  47. politics
    Biden Is Coming for High Ticketing FeesThe Biden administration is looking to stop banks, hotels, and concert venues from extracting so-called “junk fees.”
  48. all in the family
    Don’t Talk to Hugh Jackman or The Son Ever AgainFlorian Zeller’s spiritual successor to 2020’s Oscar-winning film The Father.
  49. broadway
    Back to the Future Musical to Drive a DeLorean Straight to BroadwayBroadway’s Doc meets Christopher Lloyd in a teaser.
  50. theater review
    A Little Life, Off the Page, Is All In on PainIvo van Hove’s four-hour Dutch adaptation comes to BAM.
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