movie review

The Numbing Spectacle of Infinity Pool

What I did on my summer vacation (watched myself get executed).

‘There Couldn’t Be Any Normal Scenes in This Movie’

Damien Chazelle and his collaborators explain Babylon in three key scenes.
the jlowicc

An Attempt to Make Sense of the Jennifer Lopez Wedding Industrial-Complex Canon

The JLOWICC is a complex universe filled with dead mothers, worried best friends, sad dinners, and machetes.
  1. oscars 2023
    The Academy Subtweets Andrea Riseborough’s Friends in StatementAccording to the Academy, Riseborough will keep her nomination.
  2. coming soon
    Robert Pattinson Bringing More Eyeliner to The Batman Part IIHe will face his next villain, makeup remover, in 2025.
  3. the vulture spot
    Harry Hamlin and His Stylish Jackets Are Magical on Mayfair WitchesDespite his character not having any powers.
  4. ask an expert
    Alec Baldwin is Officially Charged in Rust Shooting. Now What?“There’s just a huge disparity in the charges.”
  5. oscars bad boy
    Will Smith Is Back for His Movie-Star Bag With Bad Boys 4Smith and Martin Lawrence ride together, make movies that make money together.
  6. for your consideration
    A Timeline of Andrea Riseborough’s Controversial Oscar NominationWithin seven days, Andrea Riseborough’s performance in To Leslie went from obscurity to the toast of Twitter. And all it took was a few famous fans.
  7. crime
    Alec Baldwin Charged With ‘Directly’ Causing Rust ShootingProsecutors allege “no less than a dozen” negligent acts by Baldwin even before Halyna Hutchins was shot.
  8. vulture sports
    The Oscars Bestow a Bounty of Points Upon the Movies Fantasy LeagueAwards season is hitting its stride, and so are the top MFL teams.
  9. gods and monsters
    Chapter 1: Everything We Know About the Future of the DC UniverseCongrats to Viola Davis, who remains the most unscathed DC Universe actor.
  10. sundance 2023
    Sundance’s Year of Existential Crisis Yielded Back-to-Back MegadealsInsiders call this year’s Sundance a return to form, with several all-night bidding wars and multiple eight-figure deals.
  11. backstories
    ‘There Couldn’t Be Any Normal Scenes in This Movie’Damien Chazelle and his collaborators explain Babylon in three key scenes.
  12. oscars 2023
    Lydia Tár Is Not an Art MonsterThe quiet redemption of awards season’s most divisive character.
  13. the vulture spot
    How GLOW Helped My Animal Illustrate Lust“I feel like everyone could connect to the early teenage experience of being aroused by some sort of videotape that you keep hidden.”
  14. the vulture spot
    Priya Kansara’s Only Injury While Filming Polite Society Was From … WalkingDirected by We Are Lady Parts’ Nida Manzoor, the film blends marital and martial arts.
  15. the vulture spot
    Jonathan Majors Says Prepping for SNL Was Almost As Difficult As Bodybuilding“Both were extremely physical, long hours, and I had to eat a lot.”
  16. the vulture spot
    Rotting in the Sun Features 30 to 600 PenisesSebastián Silva and Jordan Firstman report back from a gay nude beach.
  17. coming soon
    Michael Jackson’s Nephew Will Play Him in Antoine Fuqua’s BiopicFrom the producer of Bohemian Rhapsody.
  18. trailer mix
    Buddy-Comedy Duo Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston Are Back on the CaseMurder Mystery 2 promises more murder and more mystery, even.
  19. the vulture spot
    The Mahogany Drive Crew Swaps Improv Horror StoriesShould every improv feel like your first? Sounds immensely stressful.
  20. the vulture spot
    All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt Was an Exercise of ‘Trust and Play’Talking about the water cycle at the Vulture Spot.
  21. development hell
    Jordan Peele Would Rather Watch a Live-Action Akira Than Make ItTaika Waititi is the most recent filmmaker to take on the beast of development hell.
  22. the vulture spot
    Flora and Son Wants to Show How the Internet Isn’t All BadFalling in love over Zoom, as directed by Once’s John Carney.
  23. switching up
    Hey, Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts Are Gonna Swap BodiesIn a comedy movie that Amazon Studios just snatched up.
  24. the vulture spot
    When Steph Curry Met Peter Nicks He Fumbled a QuesadillaIt’s hard holding a quesadilla while wearing four championship rings.
  25. the vulture spot
    A Thousand and One’s AV Rockwell Felt Erased in New York“Part of what made me feel the urgency to tell this story was I felt New York lied to us,” says the Sundance Grand Jury Prize–winning director.
  26. sundance 2023
    A Complete List of Films Sold at Sundance 2023 (and Their Price Tags)Greenwich Entertainment picked up Nam June Paik: Moon Is The Oldest TV.
  27. the vulture spot
    Fremont Is a Response to a ‘Fallacy’ About Women in AfghanistanAccording to director Babak Jalali.
  28. the vulture spot
    Ira Sachs Wanted to Make Passages for … Love“What they do in front of the camera is quite aesthetically and erotically and emotionally engaging,” the director said.
  29. movie review
    Filmmaking at the Speed of Life in One Fine MorningIn Mia Hansen-Løve’s latest, emotions emerge organically from the unfussy drama onscreen.
  30. movie review
    The Numbing Spectacle of Infinity PoolWhat I did on my summer vacation (watched myself get executed).
  31. chat room
    M3gan’s Brian Jordan Alvarez Welcomes Our AI Overlords“Be M3gan. Be more M3gan.”
  32. endings
    Let’s Tálk About the Ending of TárIt’s hilárious.
  33. the jlowicc
    An Attempt to Make Sense of the Jennifer Lopez Wedding Industrial-Complex CanonThe JLOWICC is a complex universe filled with dead mothers, worried best friends, sad dinners, and machetes.
  34. sundance 2023
    As Seen at SundanceThe talk of the ski town at this year’s film festival.
  35. it starts with this
    The It Ends With Us Movie Ended Up Casting Blake LivelyJustin Baldoni will also star in and direct the adaptation of Colleen Hoover’s best seller.
  36. let her cook
    The Bear’s Ayo Edebiri Is Joining Phase Five of the MCUShe’ll serve us a new role in Marvel’s Thunderbolts.
  37. justice for nope
    The Writers Guild Awards Give Nope Its DueMeanwhile in animation, The Simpsons is nominated for three episodes.
  38. thx
    Austin Butler Says ‘Thank You, Thank You Very Much’ to Ex Vanessa HudgensFor believing he could play Elvis.
  39. ‘it is still my movie’
    How the Internet Made (and Almost Broke) Horror Hit SkinamarinkKyle Edward Ball’s movie leaked and went viral before becoming a hit in theaters. He wishes it had gone differently.
  40. trends
    The Canceled As Character StudyIn Tár, Barbarian, and Glass Onion, there’s pleasure in watching celebrities fall.
  41. biopic ambition
    Julia Garner Won the Madonna Boot Camp for NothingThe Madonna biopic has been scrapped to accommodate the pop star’s world tour.
  42. the little screens
    How to Watch and Stream Every 2023 Oscar-Nominated MovieFeaturing multiple films on the power of cinema.
  43. awards season
    Joyce Carol Oates Sure Tweets About The Fabelmans a LotFor reasons surely unrelated to awards season, the Blonde author has become Twitter’s staunchest critic of Steven Spielberg’s Oscar-nominated movie.
  44. awards season
    Everything Everywhere All at Once Leads the 2023 Oscar NominationsThe full list includes acting noms for Andrea Riseborough, Michelle Yeoh, and Angela Bassett.
  45. oscars 2023
    The Snubs and Surprises of the 2023 Oscar NominationsThose crazy celebs actually got Andrea Riseborough an Oscar nomination.
  46. the vulture spot
    The Indigo Girls Were Surprised They Made a DocumentaryDespite being scared, Amy Ray and Emily Saliers called the documentary a “huge honor.”
  47. the vulture spot
    Anna Camp and Jane Levy’s Edgiest Co-star Is a 6-Year-OldKids say the darndest things on set!
  48. the vulture spot
    Eugenio Derbez Wants Radical to Empower Teachers“I think this movie might be able to change the system,” says the Sundance alum.
  49. the vulture spot
    Murder in Big Horn Shines a Light on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women“There’s this idea that Native American tribes are a part of our history when we’re in existence and surviving.”
  50. the vulture spot
    Ben Platt Wishes He Could Oblivate Harry Potter SpoilersJust wait till he finds out about J.K. Rowling…
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