1. crime
    Alec Baldwin Charged With ‘Directly’ Causing Rust ShootingProsecutors allege “no less than a dozen” negligent acts by Baldwin even before Halyna Hutchins was shot.
  2. vulture sports
    The Oscars Bestow a Bounty of Points Upon the Movies Fantasy LeagueAwards season is hitting its stride, and so are the top MFL teams.
  3. bravo encore
    What’s Going on With RHONY: Legacy?Is she “dead”?
  4. gods and monsters
    Chapter 1: Everything We Know About the Future of the DC UniverseCongrats to Viola Davis, who remains the most unscathed DC Universe actor.
  5. 2 king 2 hill
    Travel Back to Arlen in a New King of the Hill RebootHulu announced a revival of the beloved series on January 31.
  6. timelines
    The Complete History of Ezra Miller’s Controversial CareerFrom kidnapping allegations to a plea deal for unlawful trespassing to the DCEU’s master plan.
  7. chat room
    Nelson Franklin Is Thankful He’s Not the ‘Uglier George Santos”Comedy’s go-to That Guy discusses appearing in — or auditioning for — most of your favorite sitcoms.
  8. celebrity memoirs
    Pamela Anderson Knows Even a Memoir Can’t Tell AllThough there are not many new revelations, ten stories stuck out.
  9. essential episodes
    Columbo Is the Ultimate ‘Rich People Are Weird’ ShowPeter Falk’s rumpled detective takes down lots of wealthy loonies.
  10. sad gay representation
    The Last of Us Fans Are Screaming, Crying, Streaming Linda Ronstadt“Long Long Time” is running (back) up that chart.
  11. sundance 2023
    Sundance’s Year of Existential Crisis Yielded Back-to-Back MegadealsInsiders call this year’s Sundance a return to form, with several all-night bidding wars and multiple eight-figure deals.
  12. funny videos of the month
    The Best Comedy Shorts of January 2023Rounding up our favorite funny videos of the month.
  13. backstories
    ‘There Couldn’t Be Any Normal Scenes in This Movie’Damien Chazelle and his collaborators explain Babylon in three key scenes.
  14. hive mentality
    Dominique Fishback Isn’t Doing Much to Rehabilitate Stan Culture’s ImageAs an obsessed fan in Donald Glover’s new series, Swarm.
  15. hbo axe’d
    HBO Max’s Abandoned TV Shows Adopted by Tubi and RokuMore than 200 titles from Warner Bros. Discovery are moving.
  16. album review
    Lil Yachty’s Great Gig in the SkyThe rapper’s surprising new psych-rock album delights in sensory overload.
  17. vulture 10x10
    The Scooby Puzzle7-Down, Ten Letters: Batman’s Home
  18. reading is what?
    And Don’t F&%K It Up Chronicles Drag Race From Vaseline Lens to Emmy Gold“Come for the tea, stay for the shade.”
  19. yelling
    It’s Time for a Departure From ‘Bottle Episode’Another format-breaking episode, another widespread misapplication of a specific TV term. This must end.
  20. listings
    Joan Didion’s Apartment Is for SaleMissed out on the estate auction? Seven and a half million dollars will get you the whole house.
  21. obits
    Cindy Williams of Laverne & Shirley Dead at 75“Knowing and loving her has been our joy and privilege,” said her children in a statement.
  22. crime
    Chicago Prosecutors to Drop Sex-Abuse Charges Against R. KellyTwo prior convictions guarantee Kelly will be behind bars for decades.
  23. grammys 2023
    Who Will (and Should) Win at the 2023 Grammys?And will Beyoncé finally earn an Album of the Year trophy?
  24. oscars 2023
    Lydia Tár Is Not an Art MonsterThe quiet redemption of awards season’s most divisive character.
  25. tributes
    Patti Smith, Flea, and More Remember Tom VerlaineFlea praised him as “one of the greatest rock musicians ever.”
  26. heartbroken
    5 Shows That Aren’t Getting Valentines This YearReboot, Kindred, American Gigolo, and more have been canceled.
  27. my singles are dropping
    Morgan Wallen’s Comeback Album Sounds Like a Big MessThree songs from One Thing at a Time are out right now.
  28. the vulture spot
    How GLOW Helped My Animal Illustrate Lust“I feel like everyone could connect to the early teenage experience of being aroused by some sort of videotape that you keep hidden.”
  29. overnights
    The Bachelor Recap: America’s Next Top VillainVictoria F., Tahzjuan, and Courtney Robertson enter the chat to show the ladies how to get a villain edit.
  30. the vulture spot
    Priya Kansara’s Only Injury While Filming Polite Society Was From … WalkingDirected by We Are Lady Parts’ Nida Manzoor, the film blends marital and martial arts.
  31. overnights
    Below Deck Recap: Alissa’s Villain EraNow that Camille is gone, Alissa’s worst enemy is herself.
  32. hard launch
    Paramount+ and Showtime Have Hard Launched Their MergerParamount + Showtime – three shows = new service.
  33. the vulture spot
    Jonathan Majors Says Prepping for SNL Was Almost As Difficult As Bodybuilding“Both were extremely physical, long hours, and I had to eat a lot.”
  34. close read
    The Empty Sentiment of The Last of UsIn imitating the rhythms of prestige TV, the video-game adaptation loses its emotional center.
  35. the vulture spot
    Rotting in the Sun Features 30 to 600 PenisesSebastián Silva and Jordan Firstman report back from a gay nude beach.
  36. coming soon
    Michael Jackson’s Nephew Will Play Him in Antoine Fuqua’s BiopicFrom the producer of Bohemian Rhapsody.
  37. cast away
    Netflix Gave Us More Than One Piece of Info About One PieceGet ready to munch on some devil fruit.
  38. vulture 10x10
    The Unholy Puzzle5-Across, Five Letters: M. Night Shyamalan film starring Samuel L. Jackson.
  39. respect the classics
    The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Is Just a Vibe NowThe new eligibility requirements will honor artists whose “music connects us all.”
  40. trailer mix
    Buddy-Comedy Duo Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston Are Back on the CaseMurder Mystery 2 promises more murder and more mystery, even.
  41. overnights
    The Real Housewives of Potomac Recap: Going FishingWhat better time to air out some dirty laundry than when an exotic dancer is making it clap right in front of your lobster tail?
  42. dylanology-ology
    A Beginner’s Guide to Bob Dylan’s Sprawling Bootleg SeriesBlowin’ through all 17 volumes the easy way.
  43. trailer mix
    Star Trek: Picard Season 3 Looks Borg-eousThe stakes are star high.
  44. rip
    Annie Wersching, 24 and Last of Us Video-Game Star, Dead at 45She also starred in Bosch and The Vampire Diaries.
  45. party report
    Jason Segel Is a Car Guy in Real Life and in ShrinkingThe Apple TV+ show’s vintage Bronco is inspired by the co-creator and star’s actual ride.
  46. vulture picks
    25 Notable New Releases Over the Next Two WeeksThe Grammys, You releases its fourth season, M. Night Shyamalan’s latest thriller, Shania Twain makes a comeback, and more.
  47. obits
    Lisa Loring, TV’s Original Wednesday Addams, Dead at 64Jenna Ortega paid tribute to Loring in her viral dance scene in Wednesday.
  48. overnights
    The Last of Us Recap: This Is YouA very special episode explores what waits on the other side of survival.
  49. backstories
    ‘A Rosetta Stone for The Last of UsHow two non-player characters and an unexpected love story elevated the HBO series beyond its source material.
  50. overnights
    Mayfair Witches Recap: Death at a FuneralHere’s what we’re gonna do, gang. We’re gonna wipe Mayfair Witches’s slate clean and start fresh so we can pretend that this was the real pilot.
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