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Paramount+ and Showtime Have Hard Launched Their Merger

Yellowjackets’ Shauna is safe from the merger. Photo: Colin Bentley/Colin Bentley/SHOWTIME

Paramount+ and Showtime — no, wait … Paramount+ Plus Showtime. Actually, add a li’l preposition and make it “Paramount+ With Showtime.” Despite the slightly confusing name change, the two platforms are hard launching their merger to become Paramount+ With Showtime with the linear pay-television channel run by Chris McCarthy and the streaming side by Tom Ryan. The services soft launched their partnership last year when they created a subscription bundle for both Showtime and Paramount+; however, they still marketed them as separate services. With this new news, this transition means Showtime’s library, including Yellowjackets and I Love That for You, combines with Paramount+’s streaming library and vice versa: Some Paramount+ programs are also reportedly heading to the linear channel. More details on when the services shall officially cross over and their prices will be announced, most likely during the Paramount town hall during the week of February 23.

However, where there’s a merger, there are losses. Showtime’s American Gigolo, Let the Right One In, and new series Three Women have been canceled amid the merger news; the latter has not premiered yet despite wrapping production and its star Shailene Woodley promoting the show. In addition to canceling American Gigolo and Let the Right One In, insiders tell Vulture there’s a good chance the already produced episodes of the shows will be pulled from the service altogether in the coming weeks. Other Showtime library titles may also be pulled in the next few months in preparation for the complete integration of Paramount+ and Showtime. However, Showtime cable customers may eventually be able to access more series overall since the two platforms will share a common app by year’s end. Insiders confirm that the current Showtime direct-to-consumer offering, as well as the Showtime Anytime app — for current cable customers — will disappear before the year is over.

Josef Aldain contributed to reporting.

Paramount+ and Showtime Have Hard Launched Their Merger