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Edible Hedges

Blueberries can make great hedges with three seasons of interest

The use of blueberry shrubs as hedges is a delightful and unexpected trend. Once you've established a hedge of berries, you'll wonder why you ever used anything else!

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Blueberries create a striking look with three seasons of color and interest. Blueberries produce white, bell-shaped flowers in springtime, set against attractive, glossy green leaves. In summer, you're sure to enjoy that delightful and bright foliage as a backdrop to your yard or garden--not to mention the blueberries themselves! Blueberry hedges turn to striking shades of yellow and orange in fall, and some varieties continue to produce fruit as they head into the cooler months. Blueberry bushes are also attractive winter plants, with elegant branches set against the frosty sky. With these talll, upright varieties of blueberry bushes, you'll have a hedge row that is beautiful year round--not to mention, deliciously rewarding.
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