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Hedges and Shrubs

Hedges from Michigan Bulb

Since 1943, Michigan Bulb has been a leading direct-mail garden supply provider, offering great quality at affordable prices. Our team partners with reputable growers worldwide to find our customers the best performing, most unique plants at a reasonable cost so you can beautify your yard or garden without breaking the bank. Our hedges are shipped right to your door, and we have a wide selection sure to suit whatever your needs and preferences may be.

Learn more about Michan Bulb's hedges and their proper care below.

Choosing the Right Hedges

To choose the right hedges for sale, you'll first need to know about the different available types.

Drought-Tolerant Hedges

If you're located in an area prone to dry stretches, there are many varieties of drought-tolerant hedges best suited to withstand these conditions. We carry a variety of Dogwoods, Lilacs, Yews, and more that can tolerate minimal water.

Fast-Growing Hedges

Fast-growing hedges are great for those who want to quickly fill in their garden. They're also beneficial for new-construction businesses and other venues that need vibrant landscaping on a quick timeline.

Deer-Resistant Hedges

Keep your garden safe and healthy by planting deer-resistant hedges. If deer frequently visit your property, certain varieties of evergreens and deciduous hedges are known to be of little interest to them and are likely to remain undisturbed.

Windbreaker Hedges

Windbreaker hedges are helpful for a number of reasons. They help prevent soil erosion, shield delicate plants, cut down utility costs for your home, and make relaxing in your yard more comfortable by redirecting wind currents.

Privacy Hedges

A privacy hedge is ideal to plant around the perimeter of your property or anywhere you want a barrier. These hedges provide privacy from neighbors and passersby, as well as help block out sound from nearby roads or businesses.

Introduction to Hedges

To help your hedges flourish, there are a few things to know about their care.

Hedges: Quick Tips

As you decide on the variety of hedges you want, also look to make sure they're appropriate for the climate and weather conditions you live in. From there, follow the tips below to ensure your hedges thrive.

When to Plant Hedges

Fall is the best time to plant hedges, though early winter may even be suitable for southern areas. The key is wait to plant hedges until temperatures are consistently cooler. The cooler air and soil temperatures will reduce the amount of stress put on the plant, allowing roots to take better hold and become stronger.

How to Plant Hedges

  1. Prep your soil. Depending on your hedge variety's recommendations, you may need to add nutrients to your soil and help with water retention and drainage.

  2. Measure your hedges. Check the maximum width your variety of hedge grows to and find a location where you have the space to fit the number of plants you have. Mark the width with flags or another material so you know things have been properly spaced.

  3. Dig a trench. Make sure your trench is 12 inches deep and roughly 20 inches wide, unless your hedge variety instructs otherwise.

  4. Plant your hedge. Gently cover the roots with soil, careful not to pat it down so tightly that the roots can't get air.

  5. Water, mulch, and fertilize. Water well after planting, and surround the base of the plant with one or two inches of mulch to protect the roots and retain water. Fertilize the hedges with a slow-release fertilizer to help them develop.

How to Prune Hedges to Grow Fuller

Prune hedges during fall or early spring when they're dormant. Temperatures should not be extreme, so do it before freezing temperatures hit in winter or before the high heat of summer. To avoid leaf burn, choose a cool, overcast day.

How Long Do Hedges Live

The lifespan of a hedge depends largely on the variety and care given. Consulting the information provided with your hedge variety can shed light on its specifications. Following the tips above for proper care when planting and maintaining goes a long way in helping hedges take root and flourish. If well taken care of, hedges can thrive for many years.

A fast-growing hedge row starts with the roots!

Our mature plants come from Holland, Michigan where the soil is ideal for growing healthy root systems for hedges and shrubs; an advantage you won't find at other retailers.

  • Grown in healthy sandy loam with low pathogen rate.
  • Larger overall root systems that aren't "pot bound".
  • More fine root hairs for increased nutrient uptake and faster establishment.
Shrub Roots

This is what healthy shrub roots look like. Our fibrous, field-grown root systems acclimate quickly to their new environment thanks to hundreds of fine root hairs that optimize nutrient uptake.

Pot Bound Roots

This is what pot-bound roots look like. If you've ever bought shrubs at your local nursery or home improvement store, you may have seen this before. Stuck in a small pot, roots have no place to go and take longer to recover after planting.

Michigan Bulb's Ready, Set, Hedge® plants are grown in the rich, healthy soil of Holland, Michigan

For decades growers have boasted over Michigan soil, and for good reason. The rare, nutrient rich sandy loam just inland from Lake Michigan, produces some of the best performing trees and shrubs you can find.

Michigan Holland

More reasons to try Ready, Set, Hedge®

Plant Sizes

Planting sizes up to 4 ft. tall.

We have plant sizes to fit every landscape need and every budget. Our largest sizes arrive with years of growth already behind them--perfect for creating instant privacy, beauty or property boundaries.

Money Saving

Money-saving multi-packs.

When planning a proper hedge, consider the space you want to fill and the spread of your chosen shrub variety. Usually, multiple plants are required. We created our 3-, 5- and 10-plant bundles with this in mind--the more you buy, the more you save.

Michigan Bulb Shipping

Shipped right to your door.

No need to borrow a truck or put down a tarp in the back of your SUV. No spilled dirt when the pots in the back inevitably tip over on the ride home. Our healthy shrubs ship right to your door at the perfect time for planting in your area.

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