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Flowering Vine Plants

Unique varieties of decorative flowering vines.

Take your garden to the next level with climbing flowering vines from Michigan Bulb. Flowering vines are perfect for small planting areas or covering walls, trellises, or porches because of their vertical climbing habit. They can also be used as privacy screens or ground cover, depending on how and where you plant them.

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Some flowering vine varieties can be used to attract pollinators like bees, butterflies, and other beneficial insects; benefiting the other plants in your garden. Any way you use flowering vines, you'll add attractive colors and interesting texture to your garden. For tips on how to care for vines, make sure to check out our annuals and perennials growing instructions. Explore our wide variety of flowering vine plants for sale, and learn more about these plants below.

Flowering Vines: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fastest-growing flowering vine?
There are several flowering vines that are classified as fast-growing vines. One of the fastest-growing flowering vines that you can find at Michigan Bulb is the honeysuckle flowering vine. Michigan Bulb offers several honeysuckle varieties, such as Fragrant Cloud Honeysuckle, Major Wheeler Honeysuckle, and more.

In addition to honeysuckles, another popular flowering vine is the Clematis Little Lemons, this fast-growing vine is known for its long blooming season, flowering from mid-spring to late summer, and perfect for container gardening!

What vine plants have flowers?
Adding climbing flowering vines to your garden is one of the easiest ways to add vertical texture and interest to your landscape. Flowering vines are commonly used as ornamental plants to cover walls, fences, windows, or even grown in containers. These vine plants come in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes with both annual and perennial varieties.

At Michigan Bulb, we offer several types of flowering vine plants, browse our collection above and discover popular flowering vines such as Passion Flower vines, Gloriosa lilies, Japanese Wisteria, and more.

What is the most fragrant climbing plant?
Adding a fragrant climbing vine to your landscape is a great way to elevate your gardening experience. Scented flowering vines can be placed in outdoor seating areas, or next to paths and doors to enjoy their aroma when passing by them. While not every flowering vine is fragrant, some popular scented flowering vine plants are honeysuckle vines, and some Clematis and Wisteria varieties.
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