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Tropical Flowers

Make your garden look like a tropical oasis or even display some of these unique flowering tropical plants indoors. Our collection of tropical plant bulbs will ensure you are transported to the garden of your dreams.

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Michigan Bulb's Tropical Flowering Plants

What are your most popular tropical flower bulbs?

All of our tropical flowering plants are popular but some stand out more than others for their unique qualities. For example, our Purple Passion Flower creates dramatic blooms of different colors of purple. And our Pink Voodoo Lily is so minimalist but still so unique to view.

How long do tropical flowering plants bloom?

This answer varies by the species of flower. Flowers may have very short blooms and only bloom a few weeks during the summer, like our Geranium Mosquito Shoo. Some may rebloom more than once throughout the year, like the Aztec Lily. We also have longer-blooming tropical flowers that last from Summer all the way to the first frost, as the Blue Passion Flower does.

What months should you plant tropical flower bulbs?

This will actually vary by your hardiness zone location as temperatures of the air and soil play into effect when it comes to optimal bulb planting times. If you're closer to the equator, you'll most likely reach the end of Winter temperatures sooner than those zones North of you.

Mid-march is great for zones 8-10 and late March for zone 7. Zone 6 can be tricky because Spring may still have colder soil, so it's best to plant once the danger of frost has officially passed. Zone 5 is best to start around late May or can be started earlier indoors before transferring outside. Zones 3&4 get the late start with being able to plant in June, but can also be started inside earlier too.
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